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Weddings: I perform weddings from the different regions of India as well as Jain and Arya Samaj. Many of the weddings I perform are a fusion of Hindu and another religious tradition (Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, etc. many times along with an officiant from another religion) All the ceremonies are performed in a traditional manner with Sanskrit prayers and traditional steps. The couple’s vows are in English and I explain each step of the ceremony so everyone present can understand and enjoy the ceremony.


Pre-wedding Ceremonies (Grahashanti, Ganesh Sthapanam): Performed for bride and grooms’ families before the wedding along with the peeti (haldi) ceremony.


Vag-dhanam: Engagement ceremony with parents of both the bride and groom. Includes the exchange of words between the fathers, exchange of rings and or garlands of the couple, giving of gifts and somethimes Laksmi puja and havan.


Sri Satyanarayan Swami Puja and Katha: Performed with pujas of Ganesh, Sudarshan, Navagraha devatas, Sri Laksmi devi and Sri Satyanarayan Swami. Pancamrita snanam of Sri Satyanarayan and katha. Very popular puja for good fortune and the blessings of the Supreme Lord.


Griha pravesh/Vastu puja (house warming puja): Performed usually just before moving into a home (can be done after the move in). Includes vastu puja and havan, Front door (Dwar) puja, Vishnu puja, and purifying the home of any negativity before moving in.


Sraddha (memorial service): Performed usually on the eleventh or thirteenth day after a person passes away. Included offering of tarpana, pinda dan (maha prasada rice offered to the deceased) and a shanti homa. Also performed annually on the day of the person’s passing away or on the Amavasya mahalaya day.


Funerals (antyesthi): Performed with traditional rituals at the time of viewing and cremation.


Simantonnayanam: (baby shower puja) Performed in the fourth, sixth, or eighth month of the pregnancy to bring about a peaceful state of mind for the mother and unborn child in the womb (and husband).


Nama karana (name giving ceremony): Performed on the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, twenty-first, hundred and first day , one year after birth, or an auspicious day like a full moon. Officially giving the child their name.


Anna prasana: (feeding the first grains to the child) Performed usually during the sixth or eighth month after birth for boys, or for girls during the fifth, seventh, or ninth month. It is recommended that the child is fed a light rice pudding that is Vishnu maha prasadam. The ceremony is performed to bestow upon the child good health and a long life.


Paushtika karma: (for continued health) Performed on the birthday of the child.


Cuda karana or Mundan: (hair cutting ceremony) Performed during the child’s first (best option), third (second best option), or fifth year (third option). Bestows health, longevity, and beauty to the child.


Upanayanam: (giving of the gayatri mantra and sacred thread, reformatory rites of a brahmana boy) Performed between the eighth and sixteenth years. The priest helps the father give the brahma gayatri and sacred thread to his son as he received it from his father. Instructions are also given on the meaning of the mantra and brahminical/sattvic lifestyle.


Shanti Homa: Ceremony to bring about internal and external peace in one’s life. A sacred fire (homa or havan) is the main part of the ceremony.


Bhumi/Vastu puja: (ground breaking ceremony for construction of residential or commercial buildings) Performed for an auspicious beginning of the construction. Asking for blessing from Bhumi mata, Vasturaj, and Lord Vishnu.


Mrityumjaya Havan: Performed for health and longevity. Worship of Sri Narasimhadeva with 108 offerings and recitations of the mrityumjaya mantra.


Sri Maha Laksmi Puja: Performed for prosperity and good fortune, many times at the start of a new business venture or opening of a new business office or facility. Ganesh and Sri Narayana are also worshiped.


Murti Installation: (pratistha) Performed for temple or home altar, simple or complex.


Vastu consultation: I do simple vastu readings for residential and commercial properties. Many times home buyers ask for this when looking at new homes. Vastu readings help one understand the flow of positive and negative energies in the home or business which can influence one’s physical and mental well being.


Classes for adults and children (balvihar) in Bhagavad gita, Vedic/Hindu culture, and Vaishnavism.


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